Paid End User License for ACORD Forms

Frequently Asked Questions

I already pay Impressive Publishing, LLC (a vendor) for Forms Boss. Why do I need to get a "Paid End User License for ACORD Forms" from ACORD?

In 2020, vendors providing access to ACORD forms will no longer be able to provide access through sublicensing. Each organization will be required to obtain an end-user license directly from ACORD.

Do the clients for other vendors have to get a separate "Paid End User License for ACORD Forms" from ACORD?

Yes, this applies to all other vendors as well.

Why is this changing?

ACORD states: "This brings the program’s fee structure in line with other ACORD programs."

Do I still pay Impressive Publishing, LLC to use Forms Boss?

Yes, by continuing to renew Forms Boss you have access to a system that offers much more than ACORD forms. Also, as a licensed vendor, Impressive Publishing, LLC is now required to send ACORD our client contact details.

How do I contact ACORD to get my "Paid End User License for ACORD Forms"? or call (845) 620-1700

How much do I have to pay ACORD for the "Paid End User License for ACORD Forms"?

ACORD states: "Program fees are based on annual group gross revenue." ACORD has not posted a pricing tier for vendors to distribute. Please email ACORD Member Services at to receive pricing information.

Where do I find more information about this?

See the "Paid End User License for ACORD Forms" section located at the bottom of this link's page:

Members of these organizations may be eligible for a complimentary "End User License":

  • Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America
  • National Association of Professional Insurance Agents