ACORD 65 LA (2001/02)

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ACORD 65 LA (2001/02)
Louisiana Homeowners
Supplement- Loss Settlement - For
Use With HO6
Louisiana law provides that, in cases of total loss to inanimate, immovable property, the
limit of insurance used to determine the premium charge will be the amount used by the
insurance company to calculate the loss payment, without any deduction or offset, unless
a different method is used in the computation of loss. If a different method is used, both
policy and the application for insurance must state the actual method of loss settlement.
The language in ACORD 65 LA is the language recommended by the Property Insurance
Association of Louisiana for use with Homeowner applications for HO6 coverage.
Use ACORD 65 LA with Homeowner Application, ACORD 80 or ACORD 89, Residential
Section. ACORD 89 must be used in conjunction with ACORD 88, Personal Insurance
Application, Applicant Information Section..
Note this form is now mandatory when submitting applications for this type of coverage to
either the Louisiana Joint Reinsurance Plan or the Louisiana Insurance Underwriting Plan.
ACORD 65 LA (2001/02) rev. 01-15-2010
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