How to Setup and Use Your iPad to Fill in ACORD Forms

To fill out ACORD forms on an iPad using our Forms Boss Web app, you will need to purchase PDF Expert by Readdle.(As of now Adobe's pdf reader does not function properly on the iPad device). You can find it in the App Store. It's only $9.99
iPad App Store
Open Safari on your iPad and go to and log in using your user name and password. We are adding a new customer, so press the Add Customer button. Then type in the customer's information.
Forms Boss Web Customer Form
We want to add a certificate to this customer so we press the Add Form button and the Add Form box appears.
Forms Boss Web Add Form
To find the certificate, we type 25 in the "Search characters" box and click Search. You can use the button like in the image below to close your keyboard.
Forms Boss Web Search for Form
The nonmatches will disappear. We see our form and tap it to highlight it. Then we press the Open button.
Forms Boss Web PDF Expert Choose Form
The form will appear in the default iPad app. Tap the form somewhere and a menu will appear at the top left to "Open in..."
Tap the "Copy to PDF Expert" option. The form will open in PDF Expert.
Forms Boss Web Open In PDF Expert
We fill in the form.
Forms Boss Web Fill Form
When done filling in the form, scroll to the top of the form. Then press the Save button on the actual form in the upper left corner on the form's first page.
Forms Boss Web PDF Expert Save
A "Form Successfully Submitted" box will appear. Press Close.
Forms Boss Web PDF Expert Server Response
If you want to email it, press the button like in the image below and press Send by E-mail.
Forms Boss Web PDF Expert Send by E-mail
On the next box that appears, press Flattened Copy.
Forms Boss Web PDF Expert Email Format
Type your recipient email address, subject, and message. Your form will be attached. Press Send to send your email.
Forms Boss Web PDF Expert Send by E-mail
To get back to Forms Boss Web, double press your iPad home button and tap Safari
Get back to Forms Boss Web
Finally, tap the Safari back button in the upper left. If you get a message "Are you sure you want to submit this form again?", tap Submit.
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