Forms Boss Desktop - Pricing and Registration

IMPORTANT NOTICE: ACORD requires an end-user license directly from ACORD to use ACORD Forms supplied by vendors such as Impressive Publishing, Inc. (developer of Forms Boss) This would be in addition to the Forms Boss fee paid to Impressive Publishing, Inc. Please visit "Paid End User License for ACORD Forms Frequently Asked Questions" for additional details on ACORD end-user licensing requirements for your agents or agencies.

Forms Boss Desktop

Standard Pricing $170.00 per year per Agency location

Management Option $399.00 (One time fee only)


You will initially receive an unregistered version of Forms Boss Plus. It is limited in that it will not allow you to enter your Agency name printing is disabled. Otherwise, you will be able to utilize all parts of the program, including the Management Features.
To register your Forms Boss Plus, follow these steps.
  1. Determine how you want your Company "Agency" Name displayed on the Forms. Upper and/or lower case.
  2. Call Impressive Publishing, LLC at (800)208-1977 and ask for registration. You will be connected to a service rep that will ask for your Company Name. You will be asked what mode of payment you would like, the choices are A) Master Card, B) VISA, C) American Express, or D) Discover.
  3. After you receive Registration Number, open Forms Boss Plus and click Help, Open Agency Setup Form. Now, click the Register button. Enter your Company Name, Zip Code, Registration Code exactly as it is printed on the paid receipt email. Then, click OK.
  4. Once you have been given a registration number no refunds will be issued. It's important that you install the demo and are satisfied that it will function to your satisfaction before registering.
    • If you entered your Company Name and registration number correctly you will be able to access the address fields and other parts of the form including Print Options and Security. "SAMPLE COPY" has been removed from the Forms as well.
    • If you did not install the Management Option you will not be allowed to access the Policies Form, Invoice Form, Office Image Form, Schedule Form or any of the reports that are associated with these forms.

Management Option (Desktop Version)

The Management Option includes access to the Policy Form which tracks policy details, commissions and renewal information. Proposal Form which has many automated features for easily creating a proposal. Invoice Form which ports data to QuickBooks Pro. Office Image Form, this allows you to scan and store images such as deck pages and risk information. A Schedule Form is included to help you track appointments and tasks. Many standard Reports are also included. Plus much more. You'll have to download the demo to realize the software's full potential.
To help distinguish the management features we've color coded the menu items. All the management option items show up in green on the main menu in the program. All other standard features show up in white.
The unregistered version will allow you to fully explore these features without any restrictions. When you register Forms Boss Plus but do not register the Management Option the Management forms and the reports supporting them will no longer be available. For more information see the Forms Boss Plus Help file.


If you are upgrading from a previous version, you will need to obtain a new registration number by calling (800)208-1977. If you already have the Management Option installed, the option will be upgraded free of charge. If you don't have the Management Option and would like to purchase it the cost is only $399.00 extra.

Tech Support

Tech support is free to current subscribers. If you have a technical question first check the Help File by clicking Start, Forms Boss Plus then choose the Forms Boss Plus Help Icon or if you are running Forms Boss Plus, click Help on the menu bar. If you can't find the answer there you may call our Tech Support Department at (800)208-1977 between 10AM and 4PM Eastern Standard Time. Additional support information here.