Forms Boss Desktop - Overview

Our Desktop version is a state-of-the-art ACORD Forms generator with an Agency Management System option. After all we've been working on it since 1993! You don't have to take our word for it, just download a Free Agency Management System Demo. The demo is the actual program, and you'll be able to enter Clients, forms, and check out practically all of the program's features. It's only limited in that printing, exporting, emailing forms is disabled. If you decide you like it, and we think you will all you have to do is register the program and key in some numbers, then you're ready to go. Nothing else to install.
Of course you can produce any one of over 750+ ACORD Forms and track all of your Clients and Prospects. With the Agency Management System option you can also track Policy details, Companies, Sales Reps and create Proposals. We do Imaging too, scan deck pages and images right into our program. For more info on the Agency Management System option click here.
Our Planning form will keep you organized and on time with our appointment scheduler. You can set your own reminders and notifications. Run reports at set times.
We think you'll find our software the best overall choice for creating official ACORD forms and to help manage your Agency. The Desktop version includes all 700+ licensed ACORD forms to assist you in managing every aspect of your business. From Customers and Prospects to Policies and Proposals you'll be amazed how easy it is to track all your daily activities.
There are many automated ACORD Forms Features built into the package like emailing, faxing and autofill from one form to another. You can also spell check, print mailing labels, track birthdates and do a host of other Client management functions.
Our Certificate of Insurance forms are the easiest to use on the market. You can add multiple holders to a single certificate. Email or print one cert, select a few or the entire list with just a click. We've provided a Holder's database too so you only have to type the address once, from then on you can just select the ones you want added to the form! More info on Certificates of Insurance by clicking here.
May we suggest you take the guided tour to start learning what our Agency Management System, "Forms Boss Plus" can do for you and your business? Click this link now to start the tour... Guided Tour
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ACORD Forms Sample Client & Policy Screen