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Finally a Web Based Agency Management System that's easy to learn and use -- without costing a fortune...
Read further to find out how YOU can profit wildly from this state of the art Agency Management System
From Wayne Delph (founder):
In 1993 a friend and I were having a conversation about his insurance agency. He could not find suitable Agency Management System. The few that were available were out of his price range. Knowing that I had been writing software since mid 80's, he suggested that I build a new system. I started evaluating other Agency Management Systems and learned that most programmers do not understand how a normal user thinks.
So, here we are many years later and after must research and development we have created a software product that is truly extraordinary.
It's called Forms Boss Web. Don't let the name fool you, it's way more than just forms. Yes, we have ACORD forms but we designed the entire program around the use of all kinds of forms. This makes everything visual for the user. It is very easy to find the data you need when you need it. No more hunting through pages of non-visual data trying to find what you want.
After all these years I know what you need in a management system.
  1. Easy to Learn - This is number one because you need to be able to train your employees quickly.
  2. Easy to Use - Everything is designed so you can get to your data with just a few clicks. Actually the way we designed the Customer form you can access about 90% of your information from this one form.
  3. Categorize your Clients, Prospects & Policies.
  4. X-Date & Suspense Date tracking on Customer or Policy level.
  5. Driver & Vehicle database - accessible with one click from the Customer form. This data automatically ports into the ACORD forms that you create. More on that later.
  6. Built in E-Mail - Sends emails and logs the entries under the Customer form for easy access and re-sending. E-mail a single ACORD form or send a gang at one time.
  7. Keep track of all your documents with a few clicks. Everything is organized for you - Saves you loads of time so you can do what you do best "MAKE SALES".
  8. You can scan all your documents to your favorite cloud service (like DropBox or YouTube) then link your Clients or Policies directly to them. Deck pages - images - Risk items, anything. Scan signatures and digitally sign your Apps. Go paperless!
    You could spend thousands on just a document program like this but you don't need to, it's all built in! This one feature is worth the cost of the entire service.
  9. Manage Sales Reps and commission tracking. Know exactly who's producing what and more importantly who's not. You don't have to fumble around trying to find this data, it's just a click away.
...and you want it to be Affordable (We'll get to that later)
So, I've literally spent years designing and refining this Agency Management System, listening to our clients every step of the way. It's designed with you in mind, every detail extensively thought out and planned.
Our clients like the fact that they can call and make suggestions and we love to hear from them too. After all, if I can make it easy for you then you'll keep coming back year after year. We have lots of happy clients that have been with us for many years.
You don't have time to deal with un-necessary problems so we've eliminated many of them for you. Freeing you up to run your business.
You want three things..
  • To provide quality service to your clients. It's really impressive to be able to answer your client's questions without having to leave your desk. All the data you need right at your finger tips.
  • An "all in one" solution that lets you compile all your data in one place. You don't need a Document Scanner - Contact manager - ACORD forms generator (more on that later) - Policy Tracker - Invoicing system.
  • Since we host your data on our cloud servers you can access your data from practically anywhere in the world! Think about that, never be tied to a desk again. You can even use a tablet out in the field to collect data and have your client sign the apps right on screen.
You can create Professional looking Invoices with your logo printed on plain paper. No need to buy expensive invoices forms. You could spend hundreds of dollars on a program that just creates invoices and post your payments.
You can fully track Accounts Receivable information - know in a flash your 30/60/90 day balances. Send out Statements and manage your money more efficiently.
With our Scheduling features you can..
Have the Agency Management System remind you of everything. It's like having your own personal assistant. The good news is you don't have to pay it a wage! There's another piece of software you can do without.
Streaming Videos allows you to skip the learning curve and Start immediately
One of the biggest hurdles for people is learning new technology..
It can be very intimidating and especially hard on new employees.
That's why we've made Forms Boss Web so easy for beginners and experienced Agents.

Over 30 built in Standard Reports

Print Customer Reports like..

Print Policy Reports..

Many filtering options allow you to get the data you want Now!
OK, time for a little geeky stuff..
We designed the Agency Management System to be multi-user. As I mentioned earlier, we don't charge extra for multiple logins from more than one computer.
It works on all platforms with a modern web browser. This includes Windows, Mac, iPad, and Android tablets.
Here's the Bonus part..
You can easily create ACORD forms with Forms Boss Web. We've designed it so that a lot of your work is automated. For instance, when you create an Auto ID card the driver and vehicle information is inserted for you automatically. You don't have to double enter data. Same thing for Home Owner apps and Personal Auto apps.
Of course you never have to retype your customer name and address, it always ports to the form for you.
I've included a Certificate Holder Master List that lets you easily create Certificates without having to manually look up holders. You can add as many holders to a single Cert as you like, then pick and choose which ones to print, fax or email.
You remember those expensive software programs I talked about? Well, we have clients that have them but they actually use our program to create the ACORD forms because it's so difficult in theirs.
All the ACORD's come up on screen just as if you would roll them into a type writer. You just fill in the data fields. It couldn't be easier.
ACORD forms can be a little tricky so we've hooked the ACORD guide (over 400 pages) into each ACORD Form. If you need help on any form just click the "Open Form Help" button at the top of every ACORD pdf and the guide opens to the form instruction that you need.

You can...

Important Note: You can email your ACORD forms one at a time or in a group. Our Email log maintains a log of all the forms that you send out. A complete audit trail is kept for you.

Here's all you have to do..

Click here to get a free trial Now. Actually this is the real program. You can explore all parts of the program.
Then if you decide to keep it going all you have to do is call me (800-208-1977) and we'll get you all setup in just a few minutes.
Still not convinced? Check out this Streaming Video of the program in action by clicking here Now.
I know what you're thinking. How much is all this going to cost me, you're thinking thousands right? Nope!
For a limited time you pay only $49.95 per month. A lot of management programs cost much more. There are no contracts to sign and you can cancel at any time without any penalty, but I doubt you will.
Plus, you get the benefit of thousands of hours of programming. I've already absorbed the huge development costs. You get to reap the Profits!
Remember, there's absolutely no Risk.
To give our Agency Management System a free test click here for a Free Trial.
Questions: Call us at 800-208-1977 and talk to a live representative