Mac Users

Yes! Our web-based ACORD forms program, Forms Boss Web, does work on Apple computers. Here are some tips for running Forms Boss Web on your Mac.

We recommend that you use the Safari web browser that came with your Mac OSX.
In order for the ACORD forms to load properly, you must install both Adobe Reader and Adobe Reader Plug-In for Safari.  Both of these applications are free.

Setting up Adobe Reader

Enabling Adobe Reader Plug-in in current versions of Safari

Enabling Adobe Reader Plug-in in older Versions of Safari

You're all set! Access your account and your ACORD forms should load and save with no problem! If you do still encounter further difficulty, try dragging Adobe Reader from your Applications folder to the Trash and then reinstalling it from
If you have any further questions, call our tech support line at 423-239-4656.
Yes, you can also use your iPad in conjunction with Forms Boss Web app. Here's how to setup your iPad. Here's a link for setting up on an iPhone.