NY Identification Cards

Forms Boss Plus now includes the New York State Insurance Identification Card #FS-20. If you are familiar with this form, you know that the form is special in that it contains a barcode unique to your agent credentials. The ability to create a valid card using Forms Boss will save you time and let you avoid the hassle of installing additional software. Simply create the form like any other form and enter your settings one time and click the generate button to either print or create an Adobe PDF file. You can then email the form for testing ensuring that it is valid to the DMV.
When in the Forms Boss app you would search for form #FS-20 or New York State Insurance Identification Card. Once the form is open press F1 on your keyboard for our help file. This will give you the details on how to setup and use this form. You'll need to enter your User ID, Key & Pin codes assigned to you buy the state of New York. For additional information on this form visit: www.dmv.ny.gov/register.htm