Forms Boss Desktop - Remotely Control Your Office PC

Date: 03-19-2020

Many of our Forms Boss Plus desktop users are beginning to work from home. The majority of users have multiple PCs in the office set up to network their Forms Boss Data. We have been receiving calls asking how data can still be shared when working from multiple remote locations. The best solution is to use a tool to remotely control each office PC. This gives you a way to control your entire PC and not just Forms Boss Plus.
Google Remote Desktop is a free and easy solution. This is only a suggestion as there are many tools available.
Note that you must have an office PC and remote PC for each person planning to work remotely. Google Chrome must also be installed on each PC. We do not provide support for Google Remote Desktop or the Google Chrome web browser as these are Google tools.

On each Office PC

Open Google Chrome and go to from the office PC. Then click the blue circle with the down arrow to download it. After downloading, click the file in the lower left corner to install it. After it is installed, log into your Google account. Also, on the PC open the “Power & sleep settings” and set the Sleep to Never. You will need to do this on each PC that you are accessing remotely.

On each Remote PC

Open Google Chrome and go to visit Sign into the same account and you should see that your office PC is available to be controlled.